Its official, the Corona Virus is here in Dallas, Texas.  This is a serious issue, however with some caution, common sense, and God’s grace we’ll make it through.

If you still have Real Estate business that needs to be handled I’ve got 3 solutions for you.  My team and I can help you complete your business and still keep you safe.  Watch the video below and call me at 214-799-0019 for more details.

I want to always come from contribution, so check out the links below:

Ive seen too many conflicting new stories, where can I go for up to date info?

Where you can go for mobile/drive thru test in Dallas?

What if all of my local stores are out of sanitizer?

A couple more things to keep in mind:

1.  WASH YOUR HANDS for a minimum of 20 seconds, this is still more effective than using hand sanitizer.

2.  AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE (especially if you did not do No. 1).

3.  MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING.  If you’re in line at the store/bank/etc maintain a minimum of six (6) feet space from the person in front/beside/behind you.

4.  IF YOU COUGH OR SNEEZE COVER YOUR MOUTH OR USE A TISSUE.  We know how the virus is spread lets use some common courtesy to minimize it.

5.  CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR or a medical professional if you have questions or concerns.  This is not the time for Grandma’s home remedy.

If you’ve found this info helpful, or you feel it could help someone else, please feel free to share.